Painesville dentists want to protect your teeth during any occasion!

  • Occlusal Night Guards

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is an unconscious or stress-induced action that can be done while a person is asleep or if they have high anxiety. Grinding your teeth wears them down, along with your enamel, where your teeth may constantly be in pain. With occlusal night guards, you’re more likely to protect your teeth from any wear and tear that you could unknowingly be causing during your night’s sleep.

  • Sports Mouth Guards

Whether for an adult or child, sports mouth guards are important to have in order to protect your teeth from any accident or injury. Athletic mouth guards can be custom-fitted so there is no discomfort during activities. The risk of chipping, breaking, or losing a tooth, along with any further damage to your gums, lips, tongue, jaw, or cheek dramatically decreases.