Geneva OH dentists want to give your smile a second chance with these teeth-saving procedures!

  • Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implants are part of a progressive procedure that can give patients another chance at a perfect smile. This procedure permanently replaces missing teeth so you’re able to eat, laugh, and smile the way you’re meant to! The restoration process is so your new implants look natural and work well for your everyday use. After the healing period, your dentist places either a crown or a bridge over your teeth to further protect your implants.


  • Complete/Partial Dentures – Emergency Repairs

Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth, with the choice of complete dentures if all of your teeth are missing, or partial dentures if some are missing. Your dentist will discuss with you the difference between conventional or immediate complete dentures, along with the fixed bridge of partial dentures. We also offer emergency repair services for your dentures, if any accident were to happen.


  • Root Canal Treatments

 Root canal treatment is simply a way to fix a tooth that has been severely damaged from decay or fractured.  It is  a quick and ordinary procedure done millions of time weekly.  Untreated damaged teeth can leave a patient in an extreme amount of pain. The reason for this procedure is because the pulp, which is the soft core of your tooth, has been infected with bacteria and can begin contributing to bone loss. If not taken care of, the rest of your teeth may be affected, as well.


  • Extractions

If there is too much damage to one of your teeth, whether it’s from a fracture or intense decay, then your dentist may need to remove it for the benefit of your oral health. If you’re interested in filling in this gap, then your dentist may suggest different advanced dentistry procedures to help rebuild your smile.