Breaking Dental Myths

There are countless dental myths that patients believe at the drop of a hat which can hinder their personal oral care. Not only could this stop them from scheduling their appointments, but it could also change their oral hygiene routine for the worse. With these myths, patients aren’t allowing dentists to show them how to improve their smile in between their bi-annual appointments. Any false information about your dental health should be avoided and your Chardon dentist is here to give you the facts!


Don’t Ignore Your Bleeding Gums
If you notice that there’s bleeding when you brush your teeth, then you should make an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can! Many people don’t want to irritate their gums any more if they’re bleeding, but the blood means that there’s something wrong. This usually indicates an infection, perhaps early signs of gum disease.


Another reason that your gums could be bleeding is because of over-brushing. If you’re brushing your teeth more than three times a day, then your gums could become extremely irritated and begin to bleed. Your excess brushing can also wear down your enamel, which is there to protect your teeth.


Use Aspirin Wisely—and Correctly!
One of the oldest myths around is placing crushed aspirin directly on a tooth if it’s aching. This is also one of the worst solutions that a patient could do! Aspirin was made to be consumed and properly broken down in your digestive system so the medicine can spread through the bloodstream and heal the area where the pain is coming from. Your teeth aren’t meant to handle the chemicals that are inside aspirin directly, so you could cause an acidic chemical burn to your gums, lips, and give yourself sores around your mouth.


Wait an Hour to Brush after Eating
It’s important to keep your teeth clean and safe from constant acidic attacks from the foods and drinks you consume. But after you’ve finished a meal, it’s highly recommended to wait for at least an hour until you brush your teeth because your mouth is still sensitive from the breakdown of your foods and drinks. Your mouth needs time to recreate the protective minerals that coat your enamel and after an hour, you’re able to brush and help that process even more!


Making sure your teeth are well taken care of during your time away from your Chardon dentist is the key to a healthy smile! Contact our office by calling 440-357-1222, or click here to request an appointment today!