The Guide to Mouth Rinsing

Mentor OH General Dentist on Rinsing The Right Way

On a daily basis, your top providers of general dentistry in Mentor OH at Erieview Dental help patients in establishing a proper at-home oral health regimen. As dental professionals, we always recommend and see the benefit of, twice daily brushing for at least two minutes per session and daily flossing for most patients.

Once we make this recommendation, however, most patients will ask about mouthwash. And while mouth washing is not 100% needed in every patient’s regimen, it does have some great benefits. Not only does mouthwash help your breath smell nice and fresh after a meal or a smoke, but it can help destroy bacteria that lead to gum disease, reduce your risk for tooth decay, eliminate tartar build up and even help whiten the teeth.

But how does one choose a mouthwash with all the options out there? Or how do you know what ingredients in mouthwash are beneficial to you? When it comes to action- how long should you be swishing? And ultimately- do you actually really NEED to mouthwash?

While we acknowledge that every patient is a unique case, we found a WebMD page that answered a great number of these questions in a similar fashion to how we would. You can review that mouthwash guide here: Click Here.

For any more questions concerning your oral health and/or mouth washing, schedule an appointment with your top dentists in Mentor OH by calling (440) 357-1222.