Benefits of Composite Fillings

Dental fillings have been around for more years than one could count, but they sure have come a long way. Instead of those dark, metal fillings that once occupied the mouth, it is possible to have composite (white) fillings placed instead. This is great news for those who are self-conscious about their appearance and don’t want the world to know they have fillings. Here’s how to determine if you are a good candidate for composite fillings with the help of your general dentistry in Mentor, OH.

What is a Composite Filling?

Composite resins are free of metal. The dentist blends shades of material to make a perfect blend that matches your natural teeth. Once the procedure is completed, you and your dentist will be the only two people to know that you have fillings in the mouth.

This filling type also supports your remaining tooth, which is an added benefit. It prevents your tooth’s structure from breaking due to temperature changes or wear. Small to medium-sized composite fillings have the potential to last up to ten years. This is equally as long as those metal fillings.

In addition to that, composite fillings mean that more of your tooth structure remains intact as compared to amalgam fillings.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Most patients make the ideal candidate for composite fillings.
· Those who are looking for an attractive and long-lasting option.
· Most patients that have a cavity.
· When fillings are necessary to prevent the tooth from falling out or breaking.
· Patients that suffer from sensitivity, pain or swelling from a cavity.

Most patients find that a composite filling is actually their best solution. In fact, many people are replacing their old, worn out amalgam fillings with composite fillings when the time is right.

There are a couple of downsides to composite filings that should be noted, although they don’t tend to outweigh the good.

· There can be a mild amount of pain after the composite filling has been placed. It is nothing that an over-the-counter pain reliever won’t take care of.
· Composite fillings are subject to stain from tea, coffee, and other substances. Make sure you care for your teeth properly to avoid this.

If you think that you are ready to move to composite fillings, be sure to speak with either Dr. Greenfield or Dr. Thomas at the next appointment you schedule at your general dentistry in Mentor OH, Erieview Dental. Call our office today at (440) 357-1222 to pick the best date and time for you.