Choose Composite Fillings

When people think of having restorations done, they often think of dentures or crowns, but many people just need the use of fillings. They are great for most cavities and don’t require a lot of work. There’s also virtually no recovery period and the cost is much lower than other restorative options. Here’s what you want to know about composite fillings from your best dentists in Mentor OH!

How Do Cavities Form?

The holes that form in the teeth are decay and often referred to as cavities. They are caused by the acids and sugars that eat the dental enamel away. To prevent them, brushing twice a day and flossing every day is essential. Even after proper oral hygiene, some people still struggle with cavities.

Composite Fillings to the Rescue

Filings are a common procedure at Erieview Dental, especially ones made from composite resin. There are several advantages to using these over the silver amalgam options:

· They don’t contain any mercury.
· The tooth-colored design allows them to look like natural teeth.
· They don’t expand or contract with the temperature changes like the metal fillings.
· Because of the construction, the tooth isn’t vulnerable to bacteria and causing an infection.
· The material is solid and durable.

With help from your best dentist in Mentor OH, you can also achieve a beautiful looking mouth thanks to composite fillings. There’s no need to worry about people seeing your fillings every time you smile; you’ll be the only one that knows they are there.

The procedure isn’t any more complicated than having metal fillings put in and generally doesn’t require the use of any anesthesia. Composite fillings are just one step in the process of dental restorations. They also work great with other procedures if you need them.

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