Don't Let Bad Habits Destroy Your Smile

Painesville OH Dentist Shows Bad Habits to Avoid to Save Your Teeth from Suffering


Many patients don’t realize how much they can be damaging their teeth during their daily routine until it’s too late! There are many ways that patients can harm their teeth when they’re unaware of their actions. Most of these situations are due to bad habits that patients interact with, so your Painesville OH dentist is here to explain why these habits should be avoided in order to save your smile.


Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard
Many people think that brushing your teeth in an aggressive manner helps clean them more than a gentle brush. Unfortunately, the rougher you brush, the more you’re destroying your teeth. Your teeth are more sensitive than you know, so it’s important to take your time and brush in a simple manner. You’re meant to brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day—brushing your teeth roughly and for a shorter amount of time don’t properly clean your teeth the same way! The surface of your teeth is severely damaged, wearing down and causing your teeth to be sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks.


Grinding Your Teeth
This is a common occurrence in patients who suffer from anxiety during their day to day life. Stress triggers this action of clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth back and forth. This causes your teeth to slowly but surely shorten in length. You’re wearing down the strength of your teeth, putting too much pressure on them, which can cause fractures and cracks.


Using Teeth as Tools
Although it’s much easier to use your teeth to rip open a package or open a bottle, you may regret it! The pressure you’re putting on your teeth can also cause fractures, cracks and chips because your teeth aren’t made to handle those kinds of actions. Your teeth are only strong enough to break down foods, so protect them as much as you can!


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