Save Your Smile from Bruxism

In Geneva, Mouth Guards can Protect Your Teeth from Painful Grinding


Mouth guards are more commonly known to be used during contact sports to protect your teeth from any sort of potential accident or injury. While this is certainly important and necessary, there are other reasons for wearing mouth guards. Bruxism is a serious dental issue that can visually and physically affect your teeth. Thanks to your dentist in Geneva, mouth guards are available for those who suffer from bruxism.


Bruxism is a condition where you grind or clench your teeth. Although it is a common occurrence in many patients, it can slowly but surely destroy your smile if it becomes something that happens daily. Most patients are affected by bruxism when they sleep, unconsciously grinding their teeth. When they wake up, they’re likely to have an aching jaw and constant toothaches.


Teeth grinding is also likely to occur during periods of stress and anxiety. This can also be seen as an unconscious manner and patients don’t know that they’re unintentionally harming themselves until it’s too late and the damage is done. This is why it’s important to make bi-annual check-up appointments—your dentist is able to take the necessary steps in order to protect your teeth.


Here are a couple of tips for patients who are experiencing teeth grinding and are looking for simple ways to lower the chances of it happening throughout your daily routine:

· Don’t chew on objects that aren’t food, like pens and pencils. Your teeth are only strong enough to break down proper foods and can wear down the strength of your teeth if you continue to chew on random objects.

· Avoid drinking alcohol—teeth grinding tends to occur after consuming alcohol.


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