Stop Smoking - Save Your Smile

Dentist Near Chardon OH On Saving Your Smile

It seems that for years, health professionals like your dentist in the Mentor/Chardon OH area have played a dual role in the world of smoking. On one hand, we warn patients about all the hazards that such a habit can present and strongly advise against it. On the other hand, we are there to pick up the pieces when a smoking habit has led to staining, tooth loss, and even oral cancers or more.

Why more patients don’t quit smoking sooner is ultimately beyond us. However, one theory we have revolves around seeing results. Most of the more substantial damage that comes from smoking happens over the course of a few years, not a few individual cigarettes. While you won’t typically have any health issues like cancer, heart or lung complications for quite some time…you can see damage to your mouth immediately. Below we have provided a few examples of how quitting smoking can improve your oral health. For even more examples and detailed information- you can head to the following article here.

Whiter Teeth- from smoke numero uno, tar, nicotine and other ingredients can start to yellow your smile. After a while, these stains can turn from just surface stains to being deeper rooted, but by quitting early and making an appointment with your dentist in the Mentor/Chardon OH area- there is still hope for a nice, white smile.

Fresher Breath- smoking is one of the most common causes of chronic bad breath. Smokers even know how unpleasant the smell can be to others, so use gum or mints to cover it up after. Overall, if you quit smoking, you will see a major improvement in the scent of your breath rather immediately.

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