Bye-Bye Microbeads

After a cosmetic dental procedure with your Geneva dentist at Erieview Dental, you may be wondering what the best means of keeping your teeth nice and white may be. For many patients, this results in a healthy diet and lots of water drinking, coupled with the ultimate at-home solution: teeth brushing.

Twice daily brushing not only helps eliminate plaque, bacteria and disease from ruining the mouth- but can also keep them LOOKING good as well. Many patients will make their toothpaste of choice one of the whitening variety to help boost the brightness of their smile as well.

Most whitening toothpastes come either with, or without, little plastic beads inside of them that help scrape away the surface stains on the teeth. Your Geneva dentist is here to tell you today that if you are one of the patients using these pastes, you won’t be for much longer.

After years of studies performed, it has been determined that the plastic microbeads in these products are too harmful to the environment to allow them to continue. When these beads get flushed down the drain, they don’t properly biodegrade- resulting in toxins in our water supply and in the animals that reside in that water supply as well.

For more information on the studies leading to this ban, as well as what manufacturers plan to do following it- you can Click Here.

But wait! Don’t go rushing out to the store to buy a new paste yet! Make sure you consult your Geneva dentist at your next appointment to see what paste may be the best buy for you!

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