Treat Your Brush Right, Or Someone Else Will

At-Home Maintenance Tips

As the top Mentor OH dentist, you would expect our office to be equipped with the absolute best in modern equipment and tools. Well, it is. We don’t deny that. We make sure to keep all of our techniques and tools up to date and sterilized in the best ways that we can- there is no denying that. One of the things that most patients seem to dismiss, however, is that they actually have one of the most powerful tools in all of oral health at their homes right now too: the toothbrush.

In the following blog, we will teach you how to take care of your toothbrush so that it can, in turn, take care of your teeth in the best way possible.

In order to remove any lingering bacteria on your brush following your regimen, a few steps are important to take. First, make sure you wash the head of the brush off under hot water whilst rubbing a finger through it. This combination of heat, water flow, and motion should help remove and dislodge any stuck particles still left on the brush.

Following that, proper storage is key. Make sure to store your brush upright in a container that allows for plenty of airflow to dry it. Do not allow the brush to make contact with any other surfaces or brushes. Also, do not allow any other person, friend or loved one, to borrow your brush.

Lastly, after 3-4 months, you brush will not only be very susceptible to bacterial take-over…but the bristles will be frailer than when you first started. Make sure to throw this brush out and go buy a new one to replace it.

By following these at-home regimen rules, and keeping regular appointments with your dentists in Mentor OH at Erieview Dental, you could be seeing your teeth in their best condition ever. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 440-357-1222.