Benefits of Dental Bridges

Teeth are necessary for us to efficiently chew. While we don't give much thought to our teeth beyond this, and beyond the appearance of the smile, these structures are also important to functional speech, and to the contouring of the face. Teeth hold the lips in a plump, youthful position. Without them, thearea between the nose and the chin would collapse inward. To have a lovely smile is not a luxury; it is something we all deserve. Tooth loss can stand in the way of this, but it doesn't have to. We often create lifelike dental bridges to help Erieview Dental patients regain confidence in their smile.

Prompt attention is needed for the person who has lost a permanent tooth. Replacement is necessary not only for aesthetics, but also for oral health and for overall oral function, too. The dental bridge is a proven method of restoring necessary oral integrity, providing a number of benefits, including:

· Optimal chewing, without creating stress for the joints of the jaw.

· Aesthetic value.

· Speaking remains clear, as the tongue hits teeth in the right places to create various sounds.

· Bite force is evenly distributed amongst all teeth, rather than just a few.

· Proper support is restored to facial structure.

Treatment with Dental Bridges

There are a few different types of dental bridge. Most patients opt for the fixed bridge due to the stability it provides. This structure includes two dental crowns and a pontic, or artificial tooth. A bridge can hold more than one pontic between two crowns. To begin the restorative process, the teeth outside the gap are reduced in order to accommodate their crowns. Impressions are taken and a model is sent to the dental lab. Temporary crowns will be affixed to these teeth. When the final restoration is complete, the temporary crowns are removed and the bridge is put into place. Before we bond the bridge, we evaluate bite and fit to ensure long-term results. Secured onto the anchor teeth, the bridge should last for several years.

Tooth loss can have steep consequences, but we can help you avoid them! Call Erieview Dental in Mentor, OH to consult with us about dental bridge treatment.