Choose Wisely with Smart Moves

Make the Right Decision with the Help of Your Cosmetic Dentist in Mentor OH and See What Smart Moves can Do for You


Are you interested in transforming the way your smile looks, but don’t believe you have the time or resources to do so? Many people become extremely discouraged with their smile and get stuck on the idea that they won’t be able to change the way their teeth look. If they’re crooked or gapped, people may feel embarrassed to smile around their friends and family. But with the help of your cosmetic dentist in Mentor OH, we have a solution – Smart Moves!


What are Smart Moves?
Smart Moves are custom-made aligners that shift your teeth into the appropriate position so your smile is straight, just the way you want it to be! It’s designed to treat minor malalignment cases on your anterior teeth (the visible ones). You’ll receive two sets of aligners – one to begin the dramatic tooth movement, controlling the position the teeth go into, and another to complete the final movements and set your teeth into their right spot.


How Do I Know if Smart Moves is Right for Me?
There are a number of cases that Smart Moves has the ability to recreate and improve, but this service isn’t for everyone who wants dramatic dental shifting. Sometimes, your teeth may only improve with the help of traditional metal braces.


Like we mentioned, these aligners are designed for anterior teeth movement – these are the teeth that are in the front of your mouth and the most visible when you smile, laugh, or talk. Smart Moves aren’t suitable for your posterior teeth and we’ll suggest another treatment if you’re looking to correct that area. Also, if there are too many teeth that need to be moved, both in the front and the back of your mouth, Smart Moves may not be the right choice.


Depending on your particular dental case, you could be wearing Smart Moves for a number of months, perhaps even a year. Everyone’s smile is different, so there’s no telling how long your treatment can take until you visit for a consultation!


To learn more about Smart Moves and what they can do for your smile, call your cosmetic dentist in Mentor OH today at (440) 357-1222 and schedule your appointment. Your brand new smile awaits!