Fight Bacteria with Prevention!

Mentor, OH Area Dentist Explains the Importance of Preventative Dentistry


Drs. George Thomas and Seth Greenfield know how important it is to have a dentist in the Mentor, Ohio area who cares about your smile. This team of professionals believes that with preventative care, many patients can avoid developing problems such as gum disease and dental caries. It all starts with being proactive about keeping the smile healthy and clean.


Our dentists recommend that patients pay close attention to their teeth each and every day. This means brushing after every meal and flossing at least twice a day. This greatly reduces sugars and acids on the teeth, as well as prevents plaque and tartar from forming around the gum line. Removing food particles can greatly reduce the risk of cavities and disease.


Additionally, our team encourages patients to maintain their regular dental appointments every six months. At these visits, patients can undergo an evaluation with the dentists to check for any signs of problems. This may include not only a physical examination but x-rays. X-rays can be used to check for cavities or disease that are not visible to the naked eye. X-rays also help in checking the bone of the jaw for any abnormalities. Problems detected early on can be easier to treat as well as less invasive.


Patients unsure about how to monitor their oral health are encouraged to book an appointment at Erieview Dental and speak with our team of professionals about how to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. We can teach adults the best ways to brush and floss at home, as well as signs and symptoms to watch out for which may signify an issue that needs to be addressed by a professional.


At Erieview Dental in Mentor, Ohio, Drs. George Thomas and Seth Greenfield assist patients in achieving better oral health and wellness through preventative means. When patients maintain their smile with regular dental visits and proper oral health care at home, they can reduce their chances of developing cavities or periodontal disease. Contact their practice today at (440) 357-1222 or by visiting personally at 9510 Diamond Centre Drive. They are always welcoming new and existing patients into their state-of-the-art dental facility for comprehensive dental care solutions.