Decoding Dental Terms

Mentor OH Dentist Clears Up the Conversation

Patient education is a crucial pillar of the work performed by your Mentor OH dentists at Erieview Dental. We make sure to spend enough time with every patient discussing their treatment and why it is being done that way, as well as what can be done to keep them healthy outside of our office walls.

Unfortunately, sometimes specific technical medical terms may be used in these conversations…as they are just common place to dental professionals. We will never use terms you do not know to confuse you or keep you in the dark…it is just a phenomenon of practicing a specialty so long. For example, you may be a professional musician and use the terms “crescendo” and “staccato” on a daily basis…where we may use terms like “prophylaxis” in our office instead. The result of both conversations can be confusion- which is never desired.

If we ever happen to use a term you are unfamiliar with directly, or it is overheard in office, please feel free to ask us about it! We know that not every patient may not be completely comfortable with inquiring about these types of situations though. For that very reason, we have provided the following website for you to catch up on your dental terminology at your own leisure: Click Here for More.

Whether you know the difference between “occlusal” and “occlusion” may not matter much in your day to day. Knowing that you should keep regularly schedule appointments with your Mentor OH dentists, however, THAT is something to know and hold onto! Call our office today to schedule an appointment at (440) 357-1222.