Manage Dental Anxiety with Music

Dental anxiety can be an absolutely devastating issue to try and tackle. Patients who suffer with this condition can be lose sleep before appointments, have panic attacks, get sick or have trouble breathing. This can cause some patients to skip coming to their appointments for years on end in some cases, resulting in higher risks of gum disease, cavities, tooth loss and more.

While your Mentor Ohio dentists at Erieview Dental have done all they can to not only accommodate patients with dental anxiety, but to prevent it, sometimes a great atmosphere, relaxing staff and pain-free methods aren’t even enough. Sometimes when a patient is in their own head, only they can break themselves free of their anxiety.

One thing that is proving to help reduce anxiety and pain more and more is the usage of music in the office. Studies have shown that music can help reduce pain, influence mood, reduce anxiety and even lower blood pressure or heart rate. Relaxing classical and piano based music has proven to be the best for these results- but any music can help distract a patient- especially with anxiety.

You should always be comfortable when seeking care, or even when thinking about seeking care. If you are a bit apprehensive about making an appointment with your Mentor Ohio dentists at Erieview Dental, maybe think about bringing along an iPod next time with your favorite tunes! We will work with you to ensure your treatment is always as pain and anxiety free as possible!

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