Abscessed Tooth Truth

Your top cosmetic dentists in Mentor OH at Erieview Dental want you to know that an abscessed tooth is no laughing matter. Abscesses usually can be caused by infection, leading to the tooth being surrounding by a pocket of pus. They can occur both at the gum level, and at the root of the tooth. Each of these will have their own symptoms and complications- which we cover below:

Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth:

Pain and swelling that progressively gets worse.

A swollen and tender mass around/next to the tooth.

Bleeding gums.

Cold and hot sensitivity.

Fever and/or taking in less food and drink.


Complications of an abscessed tooth:

Infection of surrounding tissue or bone.

Sinus or facial infections

Ludwig angina- swelling of the neck or tongue that can block airways and even result in death.

Most cases of tooth abscess can start because of tooth decay, plaque, cavities and even dental work or surgery- but can obviously progress into a much more serious issue. If you feel you are suffering from an abscess in your mouth, call your dentists in Mentor OH for us to assess and treat you right away. However, if you are suffering from the more advanced swelling complications, seek emergency care right away.