Restore a New Smile with Crowns

Why CEREC Dental Crowns are a Great Choice for our Mentor, OH Patients

Dentistry has evolved so significantly in the past several decades that it can be hard to keep up with all the wonderful changes. Patients of Erieview Dental receive care that considers not only the immediate need for comfort, but also the long-term need for function and aesthetic beauty. It is in the achievement of lasting, life-like results that we create value for our patients. One of the methods that makes this possible is to craft dental crowns and other restorations with our CEREC milling machine. If you are not yet familiar with this service from our Mentor, OH practice, read on for more information.

The aspect of CEREC care that is most often recognized is the fact that treatment takes place in just one visit, as opposed to 2 or more. The process is very simple: we remove damaged tooth structure as needed to prevent further problems. We then capture an image using a small intraoral camera and send that to special software, where it is processed into a 3D model of the tooth. The CEREC milling machine reads this model and carves the necessary restoration from beautiful ceramic material.

It's not Just about Convenience

There are additional benefits to CEREC treatment that must be mentioned:

  • CEREC restorations are fabricated from ceramic that closely resembles natural enamel. They are not only color-matched to your teeth, but they also appear translucent. Your new restorations not only strengthen teeth but they compliment natural beauty.
  • Restorations are bonded to teeth, which means there is only minimal reduction necessary. The preservation of natural tooth structure is important to your dentist, and to your long-term oral health.
  • The all-ceramic crowns and other restorations made in our CEREC machine are gentler to teeth than metal fillings. This is because ceramic and enamel are similar in the way that they expand and contract in response to temperature changes.
  • The fit of CEREC restorations sets the stage for longevity. Many of these restorations continue to function at optimal levels decades after initial placement.

Your comfort, appearance, and full satisfaction with dental care are important to us. Learn more about your options for general and cosmetic dental care at 440-357-1222.