Guard Your Smile with Oral Appliances

Dentist in Mentor OH Shares the Different Mouth Guards Available to Protect Your Teeth


Here at Erieview Dental, we do everything that we can to ensure our patients have the best smile around! There are a number of ways that we do so—with prevention, general and cosmetic dentistry, your dentist in Mentor OH wants each and every patient to leave our office with a bright and healthy smile. Another way of doing so is offering appliances in order to protect your teeth when you’re sleeping or when you’re playing sports. Learn more about these appliances below!


Night Guards

Many people don’t realize that they may need to wear a night guard until they visit the dentist. A majority of people who grind their teeth are doing it when they sleep, so they’re unaware of their bruxism-tendencies until they’re told by a professional. The only way they notice that something’s wrong is when they wake up with a sore jaw and sensitive teeth.


A solution that we offer is occlusal night guards, mouth pieces that can be worn at night when a person is sleeping. When you wear this, you’re less likely to grind down your teeth and cause any damage on the enamel or cause sensitivity.


Sports Guards

These are a popular option that many athletes wear when they play sports, whether it’s professionally or just for fun! These are to prevent any injuries to your teeth, lips, cheeks, tongue, and jaw. While most of these can be bought at a sports store, they’re not always the most comfortable to wear. Here at our office, we offer customized sports guards that are created to fit your smile!


One-third of all dental injuries are sports related, which is why athletes wear these mouth guards. Most of the incidents are due to trauma, so wearing these mouth guards while you play is going to protect your teeth from severe impact.


To learn more about these appliances, contact your dentist in Mentor OH by calling our office today at (440) 357-1222.