Why to Get a Dental Cleaning

Why to Schedule Your Mentor OH Dental Cleaning Today!

One of the most common appointments made at Erieview Dental’s Mentor OH office is for a preventative dental cleaning and exam. These appointments, if scheduled and follow-through on every six months can greatly benefit your oral and whole body health for years to come. Unfortunately, we often see that patients will overlook the importance of these visits, and skip them for months, even years. In order to help show how important these visits can be, we have compiled a few reasons below that you should schedule your next cleaning today!

 -Cleanings bright your smile: our diets are one of the biggest contributing factors to the discoloration of our teeth. Over time, tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco and more can stain the teeth- resulting in a shade less desirable than the pearly white we love. Dental cleanings can remove built-up stains and polish your teeth, resulting in a brighter, better smile.

-Prevent decay: even if you brush and floss on a daily basis, there are still some hard places to reach with the “standard equipment” that might be impacted by tartar and plaque. Regular cleanings can help remove these from the pockets of your gums, between the teeth and other places that may not be as easy to clean- but can decay and cause cavities, disease or worse if not handled.

-Beat bad breath: could you imagine smelling a 5-month-old piece of meat? Probably not very desirable, right? Well now imagine that stuck between your teeth, never being removed. Safe to say, this can result in bad breath. Cleanings can help remove any lingering, rotting particles or other issues that result in bad breath- leaving your next exhale much more pleasant than it was before.

Besides the above, cleanings and exams can also save you big money and time spent in the long run. Avoid costlier, more time consuming dental treatments by addressing the issue when it is still “young” with an exam and taking care of it right away.

To schedule your next Mentor OH dental cleaning at Erieview Dental, call our office today at (440) 357-1222.