The Right Toothpaste for You

When you go to the store, you see that they dedicate one side of an entire isle to all the toothpaste brands they sell. If you have a brand that you have stuck to, but have not had the best experience with, shopping through all these brands can be overwhelming. No one wants to waste time and money at the expense of their oral health trying out new brands. Firstly, ask your dentist what you should use. They will be happy to tell you what the best brand is, what they use, and what is best specifically for your mouth. There are brands available for people with certain problems, like extra whitening for coffee drinkers, or toothpaste with ingredients that are easier on the teeth for people with sensitivity problems. Usually, you can read what the toothpaste advertises it to be, and go from there. Most people recognize the classic name brands available. Any of these brands are great to use. But, if you want to be serious about your oral wellness, you can dial in an accurate plan for your mouth. Doing this will give you a better experience with your oral care products, and may even cost you less trips to the dentist.

What Are All These Different Ingredients?

Some ingredients are common in all toothpaste. Most will contain a mild abrasive that helps wash away bacteria and food particles. It also helps remove surface stains. Most will also contain fluoride, which remineralizes the teeth, and helps fight early tooth decay. You may see that your toothpaste contains potassium nitrate, which reduces tooth sensitivity. Stannous fluoride and triclosan help fight preliminary stages of gingivitis. Usually, whitening toothpastes will have more physical, silica abrasives that help remove more stains on your teeth. The ones that whiten sometimes also have a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, which counteracts the damage that popular staining foods and drinks cause.

Knowing what is in your toothpaste is certainly a good thing. There are many natural ingredients that can help you achieve what you want with your smile. Toothpaste always evolves, so do not be afraid to explore the aisle at the store, because you now know what these ingredients are for, and what they do. Find what works best for you.

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