Prevent Oral Injury During Sports

There is no question about it, sports can often be dangerous. When enjoying your favorite activities, is important that you do everything possible to protect your teeth from injury.

Factors Used to Measure Risk with Sports Injuries

There are four categories that are generally used to measure the risk of injury.

·         Age – Most often the younger children will tend not be injured as often. Most of the time, sports injuries occur in the high school, collegiate or adult players.

·         Dental Anatomy – If the front teeth tend to stick out, often referred to as an “overjet”, it is more common that this person could experience a sports injury.

·         Gender – The difference between the two sexes isn’t huge, but men still seem to get injured slightly more than women from sports.

·         Activity – Sports can generally be categorized by low and high-velocity non-contact sports, collision sports and contact sports. These categories help to understand which ones offer more chances for injury.

Preventing Injuries to the Mouth

The first step toward having a healthy set of teeth is to take precautions to prevent injuries. There are several ways to tilt the odds that injuries will be less prevalent.

·         Mouthguards should be used whenever a sport is played that involves a ball, puck, stick or contact with others. They should be used during practice and the games.

·         Invest in a custom-fit mouthguard for the best protection. This can only be done by visiting your dentist.

Take good care of your teeth to ensure they are strong and healthy.

These aren’t the only actions you can take to prevent damage to your teeth during sporting events. There are other things that we do that damage our teeth and we often aren’t even aware. Avoid these items as well to protect your pearly whites:

·         Sugars from soft drinks and sports beverages

·         Smokeless tobacco

·         Illegal drugs

All of these tips, when used in conjunction with one another will help to protect your teeth even when you are engaging in your favorite sports. If you have more questions or concerns regarding mouth protection, be sure to set up an appointment with Erieview Dental, your top cosmetic dentist in Mentor, OH. Call our office today at (440) 357-1222 to schedule your visit.