How Often Should I Floss?

Ultimately, the answer to how often you should floss is: it depends. Not always the answer someone wants to hear when searching the internet for a definitive answer or solution. Ultimately, there are several answers!

Once, Every Other Day

If you have perfectly straight teeth (and wear a retainer to keep them this way) and you have great genes for mouth bacteria and plaque production, you may find that your dentist recommends only flossing once every other day.

It is important to note that you should only do this on your dentist’s recommendation. You cannot decide on your own that your mouth is the healthiest, most ideal environment for not needing daily flossing.

Until you get a green light from your dentist to reduce your flossing regimen, stick to the standard recommendation: once per day.

Floss Once Per Day

This is the standard recommendation for 90% of patients. Flossing daily ensures that all food particles and plaque are removed, disallowing bacteria to burrow into the tooth causing cavities and tooth decay. You will also stimulate the gums and ensure that there is healthy blood flow and circulation. This helps the gums stay firm – which is what healthy gums should be.

Since flossing once daily the go-to answer for most cases, the bigger question may be – when should I floss? You can floss in the morning, when your routine may be a bit more involved. However, flossing after your nightly brushing may be a better alternative.

When you sleep, you won’t be talking or drinking water or doing anything that might arbitrarily clear out food particles and bacteria. So, it is best to get the freshest mouth possible at night, just before bed.

Floss Twice Per Day

If you have crooked teeth or gingivitis, it is imperative that you floss once in the morning and once at night. This is important because if you have crooked teeth or gum disease, your mouse is more prone to cavities, tooth decay, and gum recession. Be sure to ask your dentist if you should be flossing twice a day.

The Rules of Flossing

Ultimately, there are three answers to how long you should be flossing. They are:

-          Once a day

-          Twice a day

-          Once every other day

If you keep up with your flossing schedule as recommended by your Mentor, OH dentist (be sure to ask if you haven’t) you should experience fewer cavities, easier cleanings, and a healthier smile! Call today to schedule and appointment at Erieview Dental at (440) 357-1222