Your Teeth Whitening Options

If you're like most people, you are actively searching for ways to whiten and brighten your smile. It’s one of the fastest ways to improve the way your smile looks and increase confidence. Whitening is a great option for many patients, but there are varying methods available to achieve results, and your cosmetic dentist in Mentor OH can help.

In-Office Tooth Whitening

When your teeth are whitened by a professional like Dr. Greenfield and Dr. Thomas, they can appear brighter and more vibrant in less time. The whitening solution we use is stronger than the kits you buy for home use. It will also be used with a heat lamp or light which brings more dramatic results. Keep in mind that most insurance plans don’t cover whitening procedures, so this option will be cost effective.

At Home Tooth Whitening

If you want to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your home, there are several avenues you can pursue:

• Whitening Gels or Strips – These peroxide-based products are available over-the-counter and are applied to your teeth. They normally come as a thin strip or you’ll receive a brush for application. Most often, you’ll use them once or twice a day for up to a couple weeks.

Tray-Based – You can either get this from our office or as an over-the-counter product. To use, just place the peroxide gel in the tray and then wear it for about an hour. This can take up to four weeks before you feel satisfied with the results.

Toothpaste – There are many toothpaste varieties that remove surface stains, but you can also find whitening toothpaste designed to do more. They contain chemical agents or polishes to remove the stains more effectively. Unlike a bleaching product, this won’t actually change the overall color of your teeth. It only removes the stains.

Keeping Your Smile White

Once you’ve finished whitening your teeth, you’ll want to ensure the shine continues. Follow these tips for your best chance of success:

• Brush your teeth twice a day
• Floss every day
•  Visit our office for checkups and cleanings twice each year
• Eat nutritious foods
• Avoid smoking, coffee, tea or anything else that will stain your teeth

It’s not abnormal to want a beautiful, white smile but you must do it with safety in mind. Consult first with your cosmetic dentist in Mentor OH about what options are best for you. This will ensure that everything is done properly so you can enjoy a healthy set of pearly whites.