5 Tips for Brushing Your Teeth

The basics of brushing your teeth are common knowledge to practically everyone. We all know that you should brush twice a day and that we should be brushing for at least 2 full minutes. However, many of us have no idea how long we’re supposed to wait after a meal before brushing. Let’s look at a few tips that can help you improve your brushing technique so that you can maintain a healthier and brighter smile, thanks to your general dentistry in Mentor OH, Erieview Dental.


Switch Where You Begin Brushing

Many dentists will tell you that most people always start brushing their teeth in the same spot. This means that by the time you reach the last part of your teeth, you could end up paying less attention to it. It is recommended to try to always start brushing at a different spot. This will ensure that you’ll get your entire smile every time it comes to brushing.


Wait to Brush After Eating a Meal

Due to the acids and sugars present in the foods we eat, we can cause damage to our teeth by brushing too soon after eating a meal. After eating, the pH-levels can fluctuate, which means that there can be more acid present. In turn, brushing too soon can be abrasive on our enamel and cause more harm than anything.


Brush Your Teeth Gently

Many of us brush our teeth first thing in the morning before running out the front door to make it to your job on time. In our haste, we often brush our teeth too quickly and too vigorously. This can be harmful and can cause our enamel to wear away. Also, it can cause our gum line to begin receding, which can cause other problems later down the line.

Be gentle on your teeth when you brush and use small circular motions, as opposed to a frantic back and forth motion. One thing to keep in mind is to check and see if your toothbrush bristles are bending while you are brushing. If they are, you’re brushing too hard and need to dial it down a notch.


Pay Attention to Your Molars and the Inside of Your Teeth

While this may seem like common sense, many of us tend to brush the fronts of our teeth more than the back. After all, the front of our smile is what the world sees. However, try to pay close attention to where you’re brushing and don’t forget your molars, as well as the inside of your teeth.


The Two-Minute Brush

Although most of us have already heard that you’re supposed to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, many of us still don’t brush for quite that long. One good tip is to turn the faucet off while brushing since having the water running can lead us to sub-consciously try and finish the job faster. Another good idea is to listen to music while brushing. Listening to a song from beginning to end while brushing ensures that you’ll have brushed for at least 2 to 3 minutes.


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